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How to become a member

Membership in a Rotary club is by invitation only. Often a person considered for membership is invited by a club member to attend one or more club meetings to learn more about Rotary. If you and the club are a good fit, you may be invited to join.

The rule of 50%

Although our Club is informal and we have a lot of fun, there are some rules too! Rotary is, among other things, about companionship and commitment. The rules require each member to maintain a minimum attendance level of 50%. This is not always easy since most of us lead busy professional lives. But it is also a hallmark of a good Rotarian to make every reasonable effort to live up to this commitment and arrange his/her agenda accordingly. Often it is simply a matter of re-scheduling a meeting and letting people know that on Friday lunch time you already have a meeting scheduled. Sometimes a good solution might be to bring a business partner as a guest and have your business meeting afterwards or beforehand.


What if I am traveling?

To make up for a meeting you could not avoid missing (or for building up a little reserve!), you can gain an attendance credit by attending a meeting of any another Rotary Club and obtaining a Guest or Visitors Card. Whenever possible contact the Club in advance, so they can make the necessary arrangements. At the same time, you can find out whether there is something special going on at the club you plan to visit or if there is a last minute change in the venue.

If you are in Riga, you can visit any one of the other 5 Rotary clubs in the city (Riga, Hanza, or Ridzene Rotary Clubs). There are also Rotary Clubs throughout Latvia (18 in total).

Please note that attendance at Board or committee meetings also gives you credits.

If you are travelling overseas, as a Rotarian you will be warmly welcomed at any Rotary Club. Before going overseas, check the Rotary directory to find out about clubs in the city you will be visiting. The directory contains details of when and where the clubs in the city meet. Our directory is in the cabinet in our meeting room at the Konventa Seta Hotel. If you need to check the book outside our normal meeting times, just ask the Konventa Seta reception desk for the “Rotary Key”. Please make sure to give it back to reception! If the book should be unavailable, you will also find a list of all clubs worldwide and their meeting times and locations at http://www.rotary.org/.

If you are travelling overseas, please take one of our Rotary club banners with you (not necessary if you are visiting a club in Riga). This is a nice gift, which you can present to the club whose meeting you are attending. The banners are also located in the cabinet. Please return any unused banners as they cost quite a bit of money to have made!

Let the President or Secretary of the club you are visiting know before the meeting that you have a banner, which you would like to present to their club. When you present the banner you will most likely receive from the other club President a banner in exchange.

Try and visit some overseas clubs – it’ s fun, you never know who you might meet, and people are always really interested to hear about Riga and Latvia. You will be, in fact, something like an Ambassador of Latvia and of our own Club. If you see a way of doing things in another club and think that they have a good idea or tradition, which would be nice for us to incorporate, let our President or Secretary know. We are a young club and can still pick up some nice tips and traditions from more experienced clubs to make our own! If for a special reason (health, exceptional professional occupation), you are unable to meet your attendance requirements for a limited period, you can ask the Club for a leave of absence.

More information about rotary international can be found on the Internet http://www.rotary.org/.